Avoid Transmission Failures in Your Land Rover by Following These Top Recommendations by the Experts of Bellevue

Land Rover Gear Shift Issue

All car owners should work hard to avoid transmission failure if possible. While the transmission can be repaired, it is important to catch the problem long before it completely fails. As long as you avoid this complete failure, there is a chance that a certified mechanic can check the transmission and get it fixed for you. Some of the different things that you can do to help avoid transmission failure in your Land Rover include:

Get Recommended Repairs Done

The most important thing that you can do to help protect your transmission and prevent it from failing is to get any potential problems fixed as soon as possible. Take your Land Rover to a trusted service center if you notice any of the standard signs of transmission failure:

  • screeching or grinding noises under the hood
  • rough idling or excessive shaking
  • a bad smell or smoke from under the hood
  • trouble shifting the gears

It is important to take your Land Rover to one of our certified mechanics as soon as possible. We will take a look at the transmission and determine what the problem so we can work to fix the problem before the transmission is completely ruined.

Keep Up with Maintenance

While noticing any potential problems in the transmission is important, keeping up with regular maintenance is another step to the process. When the car owner takes their Land Rover into the shop to complete routine maintenance, it is easier to catch any potential problems ahead of time, both with the transmission and with other parts of the Land Rover.

A certified mechanic is the best one to inspect your vehicle. We will quickly recognize when something is about to break or as already broken, and we may catch potential problems with the transmission long before they turn into problems while driving. Always follow the recommendations for maintenance on various parts of your Land Rover, including the transmission fluid, in order to protect your transmission.

Use the Right Parts

It is generally not a good idea to do any of the repairs on your transmission by yourself. Unless you have expert experience with fixing this part, it can lead to disaster. When you use one of our certified mechanics, you have the peace of mind knowing that the right parts are used each time.

The parts for your Land Rover will be unique. And even the type of transmission fluid that is put into the vehicle will make a difference on how well it works and whether the transmission will get ruined or not. Always check that you use a certified mechanic to do all work on your Land Rover, especially your transmission, to make sure everything works well.

Be Careful When Towing

Hopefully doing all the repairs and keeping up with maintenance will be enough to keep your Land Rover in good shape. If you need to be towed into a shop or you tow your vehicle for recreation, be careful with how this is done. With an automatic transmission, having the vehicle towed with the wheels on the ground can complicate with the gears of the transmission. Depending on the way the transmission is built, you may need to have it in drive, reverse, or neutral.

Before you decide to tow the vehicle, it is a good idea to take a look at the transmission or ask one of our certified mechanics, to see how you should tow the Land Rover without ruining the transmission.

Land Rover Transmission Fluid Flush

Landmark Motors for Your Land Rover

The right gear in place can make all the difference and may affect how long the transmission will last. You may want to consider not towing the Land Rover at all to prevent potential transmission issues ahead of time.

If you worry that your Land Rover is about to experience transmission failure, it is important to take it to the professionals to get checked out. At Landmark Motors, we are happy to serve the customers of Seattle and Bellevue, WA. Our certified mechanics can work on your Land Rover, whether it experiences transmission failure or any other mechanical problem. Contact us today to set up your appointment. We look forward to earning your business.