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BMW Used Fuel Injector

BMW owners are used to a smooth and comfortable ride in their beautiful model. For the most part, BMW delivers but it can be incredibly frustrating when you start to experience problems with your fuel injector in your BMW.

A fuel injector is like the middleman between the fuel and the engine. The fuel injector delivers the proper amount of fuel to the engine to ensure your BMW’s engine is running smoothly. This includes providing the car with enough power, keeping it from stalling out, and detecting any acceleration issues.

Common Problems with the Fuel Injector

Some of the more common issues with the fuel injector include it being clogged, leaking, or faulty. Let’s look at these issues in more detail.

  • Leaking fuel injector: If your fuel injector is leaking, you may notice a significant difference in how your car drives, handles, and runs. When the outside temperature is warm, you may have issues even getting the engine to turn over to start. You could undoubtedly notice some other problems as well, such as harmful emissions, a rough idle, and a noticeable difference in how much gasoline you are using to run your car. This occurs when your fuel injector is leaking because the proper amount of fuel does not make it to the engine to allow your car to run smoothly. Your BMW is also losing gasoline due to the leak.

Since you are leaking fuel, you might also notice a gasoline smell in and around your vehicle. If this is not taken care of promptly, you may also have significant car repairs, including needing your engine replaced or rebuilt. This is due to side effects like oil thinning or hydro-lock, which simply means your engine has locked up. It is also dangerous since gasoline and its fumes are highly flammable.

  • Clogged fuel injector: If your fuel injector becomes clogged, the fuel will not flow through the injector, so gasoline will not make it to your engine. If you have a total clog, you will not be able to start your car at all. However, when it is still only at a partial block, you may notice that your engine is running rough, your gas mileage is suffering, or one or more cylinders are not firing.
  • Bad fuel injector: Other issues that your fuel injector could be facing include becoming too dirty or clogged to operate correctly. It can also come off the manufacturing line defective, which is very rare but something to consider if repairs aren’t helping.

Other Symptoms That Indicate Your Fuel Injector Needs Service

We have already discussed a few common symptoms, such as low fuel efficiency and rough idling. Here are a few more things to watch out for.

  • Check engine light: Your check engine or service engine soon light may come on. Although this light does come on for various reasons, it is indicating something is wrong with the engine. You will need to contact your trusted BMW Vehicle technician to get a proper diagnosis to see what triggered this warning.
  • Vibrating or misfiring engine: You may notice your engine misfiring or a delay from the time you press the accelerator until the time your car moves forward or speed increases. This can easily be caused by a clog in the fuel injector, as the engine is not getting the right amount of fuel.
  • Failed emissions test: If there is something wrong with the fuel injector in your BMW, you could fail an emissions test. Defective or leaking fuel injectors can be the cause of both incomplete and uneven fuel burns. When this happens, your car’s emissions will increase.
  • Engine surge: Although you may have problems with controlling acceleration, you may also notice your engine surging. When there is a problem with your fuel injector, your BMW’s engine may be subjected to too much fuel as the fuel injector is not getting the air to fuel ratio When this happens, your car will not burn the extra fuel, and you will notice a significant increase in your RPM.
  • Puddle under your vehicle: Finally, one of the most common and apparent signs of a leak is an actual puddle of fuel under your vehicle. In the beginning, the puddle may be small, and you may not have noticed it. However, if you have other signs, especially the smell of fuel in or around your car, you want to double-check that your vehicle is not accumulating a fuel puddle underneath it.

BMW Fuel Injector Service

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