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BMW Cracking Windshield

Cracking windshields is a big problem in cars that could cost you money and sometimes your safety. Your BMW, as powerful as it may seem, is prone to this problem. You’d be lucky if you never have to pass through frustrating times when your windshield gets cracked for unknown reasons.

The Dangers of Driving with a Cracked Windshield

There are ways to fix and prevent such problems, but first, we need to know about windshields and what may cause windshield problems. Before we run through that, let’s look at the consequences of a cracked windshield:

  • Loss of structural integrity: A windshield helps your car during an accident, to transmit impact forces to the chassis or other parts of the car in order to protect the passenger. When a windshield is cracked, it cannot provide such protection efficiently. In another case, in a rollover accident where the vehicle has flipped, a cracked windshield will not have the strength to withstand inward pressure, thereby leading to injuries in passengers.
  • Shattered windshield: A shattered windshield is a safety hazard. This problem can start from a minor crack that worsens overtime time due to temperature changes, increased pressure on the glass, or additional debris affecting the glass. There is less risk of the windshield caving in under pressure, but the shattered glass can lead to poor visibility for the driver, which is a big accident enabler.
  • Reduced airbag effectiveness: An already-compromised car windshield from a crack has the tendency to give out with sufficient force or pressure. The airbag is made to deploy and cushion you from hitting the windshield, but in this case, the airbag pushes away the already-weakened windshield and may deploy upward instead, leading to possible injuries in the car’s occupants.

Causes of a Cracking Windshield in Your BMW

There are many possibilities on why your BMW windshield cracks. Let’s take a look at a few most common reasons why your windshield may crack:

  • Bad weather: Some places are prone to severe incessant bad weather. This can be in the form of hailstones or strong winds which carry objects or tree branches or parts of buildings or homes. When these objects impact your windshield, the effect may range from a small crack to serious visibility issues in your BMW. The best way to prevent this is to make sure your car is always parked in a garage. When something does hit your windshield, your smartest move is to visit a professional windshield repair personnel to take a look at your car.
  • Road debris: This is a big problem when it comes to road safety. Stones or pebbles on the road can be lifted by cars in front of you and accelerated to high speed. Impact with such objects will immediately lead to a crack in your windshield. As a preventive measure, always give ample space between you and the car in front of you, especially when driving at high speeds on a highway. Also, be cautious when driving over road construction areas where there might be gravel on the road.
  • Temperature changes: This is a very important but lesser-known factor that may lead to a cracked windshield in your BMW. Fast temperature changes, like using boiling water to defrost your icy windshield can crack your windshield. In addition, leaving the car to sit inside the hot sun will all lead to uncontrolled expansion and contraction of the glass, which may lead to cracking. Avoid using hot water to defrost your car and also try to park your car in a shaded area.
  • Poor glass quality and collisions can also cause a windshield crack. Visit your auto repair shop in any case of a windshield crack.

BMW Windshield Repair

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