Causes of Ride Optimization System Issues in a Land Rover by Certified Mechanics in Bellevue

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Land Rover is one of the most trusted SUVs in the world. They’ve designed all-terrain SUVs that are created for luxury and comfort. Land Rovers are also known for their ability to handle difficult off-road terrain, so they are used for adventurous travel. Land Rovers have a unique ride optimization system that helps in the enhancement and support of their suspension. This is meant to give you a more comfortable, sturdy, and smooth ride.

Over time, the ride optimization system of your Land Rover can develop some issues capable of causing you discomfort while driving your normally-comfortable and smooth SUV.

Driving a Land Rover with a failing optimization system can be very difficult to handle, as the traction can be sub-par and the drive is bumpy. The effects intensify when it is driven on off-road terrain due to the unevenness. To avoid such a situation, it is vital to bring your vehicle to our certified Land Rover experts for routine maintenance and repairs.

The Role of the Ride Optimization System

Your Land Rover’s Ride Optimization System (ROS) is a tech-based feature that operates by evaluating your normal driving conditions and driving style as well as road conditions while adjusting the suspension and other components of the vehicle to the driver’s typical standards. It is very smart, as it can recognize whatever condition you are driving over and adjust the various systems throughout the vehicle to optimize its running in those conditions. This makes your ride more comfortable.

However, when the ROS starts failing, you will no longer enjoy such a luxury, as the ROS can no longer make adjustments to the various vehicle’s systems, thereby resulting in a much bumpier and uncomfortable ride. Let’s analyze some of the symptoms that you may most likely detect when the ROS of your Land Rover starts experiencing failure.

Common Signs of Ride Optimization System (ROS) Failure in a Land Rover

Your Land Rover’s failing ride optimization system is connected to its suspension system, hence, issues with the vehicle’s suspension are the most evident signs of the failing ROS. These are some of the most common signs:

  • Air compression failure: The suspension system in your Land Rover is an air suspension system, which uses compressed air to operate. Whenever the vehicle is about to go over speed bumps, the compressed air fills the air springs which help to raise the vehicle off the ground and also help in absorbing the shock from the speed bumps. Failure of the air compressor is an indication of a failed ride optimization system and the consequence is a bumper and uncomfortable ride.
  • Air Leaks: This is another prevalent sign of a failing ride optimization system in your Land Rover. The presence of an air leak within the suspension affects the suspension system, as the suspension will not be functioning optimally. This can be seen while driving, so if you observe having bumpy rides, or you notice that your vehicle sags to one side, it is a sign of an air leak in the suspension. This means your Land Rover is in dire need of an automotive specialist’s This is an easy-to-spot symptom, always ensure to examine your vehicle to know the current state.
  • Rough riding: If your Land Rover’s suspension is compromised, there’s possibly no way you would experience smooth driving. You will feel the impact of uneven terrain or speed bumps, as the suspension system will no longer be able to absorb large shocks and jolts as it was designed to do.

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