Don’t Do These Things If You Want Your Land Rover To Retain Its Value

Land Rover Defender Car

Want to keep your Land Rover feeling like it just rolled off the showroom floor, both in looks and value? Well, there are a few pitfalls you’ll want to steer clear of. Keeping your Land Rover in top shape is more than just regular washes and drives; it’s about smart care and avoiding mistakes that can bring down its value. Let’s walk through what not to do, so your Land Rover stays as majestic as the day you got it.

Off-Road Without Proper Precautions

If you’re planning to go on an adventure with your Land Rover on extreme off road terrain, make sure it is well-prepared for the occasion. Failure to add essential safeguards such as skid plates to protect its belly or not checking if your tires are tough enough for the journey can leave your SUV bruised and battered. Bumps and scrapes from rocks and rough trails can damage your undercarriage and suspension components, leading to costly repair bills and lesser value if you decide to sell later.

Neglect Cosmetic Upkeep

A big part of why Land Rovers are so cool is their look – tough on the outside and comfy on the inside. But if you let mud splatters become a permanent resident or ignore a coffee spill on the seats, that cool factor starts to fade.

Keeping your Land Rover clean isn’t just about making it look good; it’s about protecting its paint and interiors from wear and tear. And those little dings and scratches? Fixing them quickly stops them from turning into obvious problems that nobody wants to deal with.

Install Cheap or Incompatible Accessories

Adding aftermarket accessories to your Land Rover can be fun, but going for an accessory because it’s cheap or looks manageable might not end well. Cheap parts can break easily, might not fit right, or could even cause damage, bringing down your Land Rover’s value and performance. When you pick accessories, go for quality ones that are meant to fit your model perfectly.

Neglect History Checks

When you’re looking to buy a used Land Rover, it’s like trying to find a good, used book. You want to know if it’s been well taken care of or if it’s got some hidden damage. That’s where a vehicle history report comes in handy. It tells you if the car has any past accidents, damage, or other issues. If you don’t share this info when selling your Land Rover, people might think twice about buying it. They’re likely to wonder what you’re not telling them and if there are any sneaky problems waiting to pop up. So, you should keep a good record of your Land Rover maintenance because it would add to its value.

Overloading or Misusing

Land Rovers are tough and love adventure, but loading them up too much or using them the wrong way can cause problems. It’s like filling your backpack with too many heavy books; eventually, the straps might break. Every car has a limit to how much weight it can handle and how much it can tow. Sticking to these limits is key. Overloading your Land Rover or asking it to do more than it’s made for can wear it out faster and hurt its value.

Avoiding Professional Inspections

Think of taking your Land Rover to a mechanic for check-ups like going to the doctor for a physical – it helps catch any little issues before they turn into big problems. Skipping these check-ups can mean small problems get overlooked and turn into something worse, which can drop your car’s value faster than a lead balloon. Regular inspections mean you can fix things up as needed, keeping your car running smoothly and keeping its value strong.

Land Rover Professional Inspection

Let The Professionals At Landmark Motors Help Maintain Your Land Rover

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From regular check-ups to sorting out any specific problem, we’re all about helping your Land Rover stay as awesome as it was on day one. Why not swing by and see how we can keep your vehicle running great and holding onto its value? Give us a call and let’s get your Land Rover scheduled for some TLC.

* Land Rover Defender Car image credit goes to: Roman Belogorodov.