How To Deal with an Air Suspension Failure in a Jaguar

Jaguar Air Suspension Warning

Jaguars can develop issues with their air suspension system. This is an extremely important system to keep your vehicle running smoothly and allowing for a comfortable ride. The air suspension is powered by an engine-driven or electric-driven air pump or compressor. The compressor pumps air into the flexible bellows, inflating the bellows, also known as an air spring, and raising the chassis from the axle. Air suspension uses pressurized air rather than pressurized liquid.

Jaguar’s air suspension is designed to increase the ground clearance, reducing the change of damages to the bottom of your vehicle and adjusting to the height needed for major bumps in the road.

Symptoms of a Failing Air Suspension

Your Jaguar may develop symptoms that alert you to a problem arising, so you need to know what to look for when driving your Jaguar.

The first and most obvious sign of a failing air suspension is when one or more sides of your vehicle begin sagging. Whether it be one corner or the whole vehicle, sagging can really affect the overall performance of your Jaguar. The coil spring and airbag support the weight of your entire vehicle and aid in reducing the impact of bumps.

Another common symptom of a failing air suspension is when the compressor continually runs. The compressor is responsible for inflating the airbags for optimal performance. Once adequate pressure has been achieved, the compressor should turn off. If it does not, this indicates a leak in the airbag or some type of mechanical malfunction.

Your Jaguar may also experience a change in performance. You might notice the back end does not handle as tight as it normally does. You know your car’s responses and how it should handle, so trust your instinct. If something is different, take note.

Should you experience either of these symptoms or any other abnormal sounds, you should seek an immediate professional inspection to ensure the life of your Jaguar.

Common Causes of Air Suspension Failure

A problem can occur within any part of your Jaguar for several different reasons. The failure of your air suspension is no different. Below we will talk about some common causes of air suspension failure.

  • Air spring leaks: A leaking air spring is one of the most common causes of air suspension failure. The air springs are composed of rubber that over time can wear down and create holes, causing a leak. You may experience a more bumpy ride while in your Jaguar.
  • Air compressor failure: The compressor is a motorized device designed to push air into the airbags which lifts the Jaguar. A failing or failed compressor means the airbags will not be able to inflate adequately.
  • Leaking airbag: The airbags underneath your Jaguar are what boost the vehicle up to aid in both comfort and safety. If one or more of the airbags get damaged, the airbag cannot inflate property. As a result, you may start to notice your vehicle is sitting lopsided.

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