How To Know If Your Audi Is Leaking Oil From The Valve Cover?

Audi Valve Cover Oil Leak

When the valve cover on your Audi begins to fail, it can allow the oil from inside the engine to leak into the outer engine components, causing performance issues and danger to you and your Audi under the hood.

It is prudent as an Audi owner to learn common signs of engine damage and recognize the need for service, such as in the case of an oil leak from the valve cover. You can trust our certified professionals at Landmark Motors to fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

Signs of Leaking Oil

There are a few signs that you can look for to determine the location of an oil leak in your Audi. Check out these common signs:

  • There is the smell of oil burning from the engine bay. When this happens, it is a result of the oil dripping into some of the hottest parts of the engine. When this occurs, the oil is ignited in the process and burned, which is where the smell comes from.
  • The engine starts to misfire because the oil moves through the vehicle and makes it to the spark plugs. When this happens, it impairs the ignition function of the plugs, causing the engine to misfire.
  • Oil stains are another sure sign. You will find that these stains show up near the front of the car when there is a leak in the valve cover. Depending on how big the leak is, you will end up with small stains or sometimes puddles of brown fluid. You need the help of a qualified mechanic if you see puddles under your car. You may even need a tow to the shop if too much oil has leaked out.

When oil starts to leak from the engine, it will end up causing a lot of damage to the engine and ruining its performance. You should also notice that the driving experience is not as fun either. This is why you need to fix this problem with leaking oil as soon as possible.

Causes of Valve Cover Damage

The main thing that will cause this damage is normal wear and tear, as it affects the different parts of your car. This happens naturally as you put more miles in your car. The valve covers in your car are made out of plastic, and no matter how much fortified material is added to it, plastic is more prone to deterioration, especially over time.

The temperature changes that naturally come with starting and using the engine will cause the cover of the valve to expand and contract over and over again. Without precautions, the valve cover may end up with some cracks, which will make it harder to keep the oil inside.

In some cases, the gasket seal to the valve cover will become faulty. This is enough to compromise how well the valve cover is able to do its job. This is an important seal because it needs to secure the valve cover in place over the cylinder. The material for the gasket is made out of fortified rubber, but this will degrade naturally, causing the valve cover to loosen and cause a leak.

The Solution to a Leaking Valve Cover

When there is damage to the valve cover, the oil from your engine will start to leak out to the other parts of the engine. This can slowly start to impair the engine and how well it can work. If this is left unchecked and not fixed, it can cause a lot of damage to the engine and you may need a costly engine rebuild. This is quite expensive, so it is important to look for some of the signs of a leak from a valve cover.

Audi Valve Cover Oil Leak Repair

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