How To Maintain Your Honda Car For Optimal Resale Value

Honda HR-V Car

Honda vehicles, including cars, SUVs, minivans, and trucks, are noted for their durability and efficiency. Wear and tear and driving habits can reduce the performance and appealing appearance of your Honda. As a result, the resale value of these vehicles tends to drop. So, how can you make sure that your Honda has the highest potential resale value when the time comes for you to sell it? Here are a few tips you can always depend on.

Use Your Car But Do Not Abuse It

If you want to maintain your vehicle and keep it in good shape, whether you are planning to sell it or not, you obviously have to handle it with care. Have it in mind that we’re not just talking about messed-up gearboxes or worn-out brakes here. Even those small cracks on the bumper from the time you drove a little crazy on a dirt trail will be considered by a potential buyer.

Low Mileage Is Preferable

Mileage has a significant influence on the value of your used automobile, so keep it as minimal as possible if you want to sell. In general, you should aim for an annual mileage of 12,00015,000 miles—the lesser, the better! If your automobile has reached more than 100,000, reselling it will be difficult.

Cover Your Seats

Here’s a quick one. It is important to use covers on your car seats as this will assist in maintaining your seats by eliminating stains and preserving leather seats.

The Foundation Of Resale Value Is Maintenance

Your Honda should remain in excellent condition. This will not only offer you maximum enjoyment while driving it but will also increase the value of your car when the time comes to trade or sell it. Maintain your car according to your maintenance plan and, more importantly, keep records of everything that you have done to it. Purchasers will undoubtedly inquire about your car’s service records, and a spotless record will work in your favor during negotiations.

Annual Oil Changes And Rotation Of Tires

Changing your oil and rotating your tires are two of the most crucial maintenance tasks you should do for your car on a regular basis. We recommend changing your oil and rotating your tires once a year or after 10,000 miles, whatever comes first.

You may not bother so much about rotating your tires every year if you have a 4-wheel Honda, however, we can still help you check if it is necessary. You should also rotate the tires in order to ensure even wear. It is also very critical that you replace your oil since it prevents extra wear and strain on the engine.

Repair Any Flaws

If you discover anything amiss with your car, have it evaluated and repaired as soon as possible. It might be anything ranging from a strange sound coming from the compartment of the engine to a few scrapes. Always have it in mind that a minor rattling might be a sign of a larger problem, and certain scratches can develop into rust if left untreated for an extended length of time.

It’s best to be cautious than sorry when it concerns safeguarding resale value. Change your balding tires and consider replacing worn-out brakes. If your Check Engine signal is illuminated, get it fixed. Always avoid making small problems linger. This is how you will receive the highest resale value for your vehicle.

DIY maintenance on its own does not always produce the greatest outcomes. You should have your Honda serviced at a shop with a strong reputation and a mechanic you can trust.

Honda Car Tire Maintenance

Landmark Motors Will Help Maintain Your Honda

If you desire to make the most of your car, you must maintain it. This entails keeping it in good condition. Landmark Motors is here to assist in maintaining or repairing your Honda, whether you intend to sell it, trade in it, or retain it.

Our objective at Landmark Motors is to give you the best service and help you get the best resale value out of your vehicle. We serve residents in Seattle and Bellevue, WA. Our technicians are well-trained and ASE certified, with many years of experience with Honda automobiles. Call us today to book an appointment, or visit our shop today to get your car maintenance started.

* Honda HR-V Car image credit goes to: Luca Piccini Basile.