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The braking system is one of the essential systems of any automobile that must be working every time you get into your car. When a brake malfunctions, it can be extremely dangerous. Each year, brake failures cause a large number of car accidents. Most of the brake failures experienced by drivers can be avoided if they notice the signs of failure in the braking system and allow mechanics to intervene and replace broken or worn out parts. Let’s take a deeper dive into how your brakes wear out and where to go for proper replacement.

How Your Acura Brakes Wear Out

Lack of On-Time Replacement

The most prevalent cause of failure in an Acura’s braking systems is owner neglect. Brakes are one of the consumables in your car along with tires, the battery, spark plugs, and oil/fluids. These need to be replaced every time they degrade, which happens predictably throughout the life of your Acura.

How often you replace the brakes will depend on how frequently you are stopping, what locations and cities you use your Acura, the climate you drive, and if you have any mechanical difficulties speeding up the process of degradation. These factors can equally affect the brake pads & shoes, causing a reduction in their size and efficiency.

Overheating Brake Pads

Brake pads usually become hard and brittle due to overheating and excessive usage. This stiffness reduces the capability of the pads to effectively grip and hold the wheel rotor disc. It causes ineffectiveness of the braking system, leading to longer stopping time and risk in driving.

Bad Rotor Discs

When the rotor discs are bad, it can decrease the lifespan of the brake pads. Since the pad glides with the rotor disc, it wears faster when the rotor discs are bad. This will make stopping become difficult and may take a longer time to come to a complete stop.

Always ensure that your rotor discs are smooth and clean. If you want to replace them, always ensure that it is done by a professional.

Hydraulic Fluid Leakage

Fluids, like hydraulics and oil, can leak out from your automobile engine and brake lines. The pressure from the brake pumps acts together with the pads to bring about grip. When you observe any inconsistency in your braking system, make sure the brake lines are checked for leakage to avoid total brake failure.

Driving Through High Water or Mud

When you drive through puddles or mud, gently apply pressure to your brakes to help remove excess mud or water and create the proper friction and grip between the brake pads and rotor disks. Always drive cautiously when driving through water or in wet conditions, most especially in submerged wheel conditions. However, driving in wet conditions or through water consistently can wash away the lubrication of the brake pads as well as the rotor disks.

Pressure Loss from Hydraulic Brake Fluid

Adequate fluid pressure is needed to stop a moving car effectively. Pressure loss from the hydraulic brake fluid will elongate the stopping time. If you discover that your brakes are not working properly, you can tap gently on the brake to help push fluid throughout the braking system. This is a one-time means of re-establishing pressure, but it must not be seen as a solution to this problem. Have a professional check the brake system for any leakage and shortage in the fluid reservoir immediately. You never want to ignore warning signs that your brakes may fail the next time you need to use them to prevent a collision.

Acura Brake Fluid Check

Get Professional Acura Brake Service at Landmark Motors

At Landmark Motors, we have a team of ASE-certified mechanics who will check your brake system and repair or replace any issues we find. We will be transparent with our inspection and report our findings to you. You can decide how to proceed with a plan that fits into your budget. Please don’t drive if you suspect your brake system isn’t working properly. This can endanger you, your passengers, and everyone on the roadways. We proudly serve car owners in Seattle and Bellevue, WA so call us now to book an appointment with our experts!