Inspect the Timing Cable of Your Mercedes at the Best Garage in Bellevue

Mercedes Timing Belt

The timing cable in your Mercedes, otherwise known as the timing chain or timing belt, is one of the most important features in your car. Any car with a bad timing cable will not run well, so it is important to always know when your timing cable needs to be replaced.

In order to inspect the timing cable in your Mercedes, you will need to know the signs of a malfunctioning one. Throughout this article, we will discuss the main signs that could point to your Mercedes timing cable malfunctioning, as well as when to get your timing cable inspected and replaced. Whether coming from Seattle, or Bellevue, Washington, Landmark Motors will be able to help you inspect, diagnose, and replace your timing cable.

The Mechanics of a Timing Cable

A timing cable is an integral part of your engine’s operating system. Often also referred to as a timing chain, a timing belt, or a cambelt, it times and rotates the crankshaft and camshaft in your Mercedes. This helps your engine operate by forcing the valve ends to close and open when necessary and allows your engine to intake fluids as needed. There is a metal chain link cable that moves parts of your engine and therefore help your vehicle to operate properly.

Your Mercedes timing cable should be replaced between every 40,000 and 100,000 miles unless otherwise specified by a certified repair shop.

How To Know When To Replace Your Mercedes Timing Cable

When driving a reliable and exciting car like a Mercedes, it is important to understand the various signs and sounds that can point to a timing cable malfunction. Inspecting, diagnosing, and repairing this problem in advance can prevent many complicated and expensive vehicle repercussions such as the need for a full engine.

The timing chain is worn out

Visual inspections are incredibly important to understanding the state of your Mercedes timing cable. If you can visibly see scratches, breaks, rust, mildew, or any other sign of extreme wear or tear on your timing chain, it means that it is worn out.

The engine is feeling sluggish

If you are driving and notice that your engine is starting to feel sluggish or slow, pull over and give your car some rest. Take it to a nearby empty parking lot and listen to the engine as you drive, starting and stopping often. If the engine continues to feel sluggish, you could have a timing cable malfunction. Take your car to Landmark Motors as soon as possible to have it looked at by certified professionals.

The car is slow to start

A Mercedes is a car that should never start slowly. If you notice that your car is slow to start, this could also point to a broken timer cable. Take note of how long it takes your car to start, then drive it over to Landmark Motors.

Your vehicle’s electrical power is low

If your radio display, dashboard, or lights in your Mercedes are flickering or flashing, it could mean that your power is low. Low power is often a sign that your engine or its surrounding counterparts are not operating properly. Let your car cool off and then open the hood to check the visual status of your timing cable for wear and tear.

You hear a rattling or buzzing sound

When driving, if you hear a rattling or buzzing sounds it could point to a broken or hanging timing cable. If your timing cable had broken or snapped, pieces of it could fall off and get stuck in your car. This could potentially be very dangerous so refrain from driving your car and get it towed to Landmark Motors at your earliest convenience.

Mercedes Timing Belt Repair

How Landmark Motors Can Help With Your Mercedes Timing Cable

Whether you are located in Seattle, Bellevue, or the surrounding areas in Washington, the expert repair staff at Landmark Motors are available to help you with all of your Mercedes timing cable inspection needs.

Maintenance plays a huge part in the enjoyment of your car’s long lifespan. Our service center is state-of-the-art, with the most recent tools and software available at our disposal. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment or use our online appointment form for a quick and easy experience.