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Mercedes Clutch

With its bold styling, seductive silhouette, powerful expression of individuality, and uncompromising quality, the Mercedes is a legend. The performance of a Mercedes is something you know and depend on as a driver, from the smooth glide as you go over a rough road to the hug of the curves you skim through without a thought.

As the driver of this nimble automobile, it is vital that you are familiar with symptoms of any problems with the clutch. This way, you can address any problems before they start to impact the true driving experience that is the Mercedes.

The Clutch in Your Mercedes

The clutch in a Mercedes allows the engine to connect to the transmission, even when the transmission is not spinning. The clutch disk, friction plate, and pressure plate are just three of the many parts that make up this crucial system.

The clutch in a Mercedes should last about 60,000 miles depending on your driving style. There are multiple signs of a failed clutch, and while some are specific to a manual transmission, some are found in both transmission types.

Failure to replace your clutch can result in poor vehicle performance, safety issues, and potential damage to other transmission parts, resulting in time spent in the repair shop and not on the road where you and your Mercedes belong.

Automatic Clutch Failure Symptoms

Grinding or Shaking Sensation

The Mercedes is known for its smooth gear transition. As the clutch starts to fail, you may notice grinding, shaking, or slipping as your vehicle moves from gear to gear. While at first this may seem negligible, it will likely become worse over time. A Mercedes-certified technician can quickly diagnose and repair the problem.

Vehicle Does Not Engage or Respond When in Gear

You depend on your Mercedes to respond immediately when you move into drive or reverse. When the clutch starts to fail, you may notice a delay. Eventually the car may not engage at all. This could mean the transmission fluid has degraded, the computer system is experiencing a problem, or your clutch is failing. An auto shop is the best place to properly identify the actual problem.

High Revving Engine

Your Mercedes has a high-powered engine that is designed to increase revolutions as you increase speed to produce more power for acceleration. If your engine is revving for no apparent reason, especially during gear shifts, you may have a worn clutch. Your Mercedes-certified technician will be able to let you know the next steps to correct the problem.

Burning Smell

The cabin scent of a Mercedes should be welcoming for its driver and passengers. When you have an improper connection between the disc and flywheel, you may notice a strong burning smell. This is not something you associate with a Mercedes, or any car. If you smell something burning, you may have already caused damage to other parts of your vehicle, and you will need to take your vehicle to a trusted shop quickly. This could lead to a dangerous situation, if not resolved.

Manual Clutch Failure Symptoms

Gear Shift Problems

The manual shift of a Mercedes is smooth and sharp. If the clutch is failing, your clutch pedal will appear to be working, but you cannot shift into a gear without difficulty. This could be caused by low fluids, or because of a bad clutch linkage.

This can happen when you try to shift into first gear, but it can also occur when attempting to shift into any other gear when driving. Because of the safety concerns, if this happens, take your Mercedes to a repair shop right away.

Clutch Pedal Feels Off

You know every sound, smell, and feel of your car, including how the clutch pedal feels every time you drive your car. If the clutch begins to fail, the clutch pedal will feel different to you. Drivers often describe their clutch as feeling “soft.” If you notice any change in how the pedals feel, take your Mercedes to an auto shop for an inspection and diagnosis.

Mercedes Clutch Inspection

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