Problems in Your BMW’s Air Struts in Bellevue

BMW Air Suspension

The allure of comfort in vehicles has for a long time been at the center of innovations and technological advancements that have seen very sophisticated models being produced in the auto industry. Today, more people recognize that cars don’t need to simply get them from point A to point B — they also need to do that comfortably and safely. This is why suspension systems have been in a state of continuous improvement.

Notable luxury brands such as the BMW have turned out to be leaders among peers in terms of improved vehicle suspension systems. Comfort being an integral part of this exemplary model has necessitated that the manufacturer stay abreast of technological advancements such as air struts.

What Are Air Struts?

Air struts are a part of the air suspension system in sophisticated engines. They are responsible for raising the car well above the ground and ensuring that the car is able to clear speed bumps, potholes and uneven terrain without the occupants feeling the impact. Air struts were incorporated into the suspension system to replace metal springs that were used in the past that were more prone to failure.

Air struts work on pressurized air that is used to bring the car to the desired height. This pressurized air is filled into fortified bags that then ensure that the vehicle’s height is adjusted automatically depending on factors such as the weight that the car is carrying. In advanced brands such as the BMW, this process is totally automated and controlled electronically through sensors.

Causes of Problems in Air Struts

Like the many other different components found in a car, the air struts are not exempt from developing problems. Many BMW owners have found themselves with the unfortunate predicament of malfunctioning air struts that in turn interferes with the comforts that the vehicle is famous for. Some of the common causes of these problems include:

Wearing out of the air suspension parts

These air struts are constantly in use when the BMW is driven around because they have to adjust the height of the car as needed. This opens them up to friction and simple aging that makes the struts overstretched and unable to contain the pressurized air. Old struts can also crack easily and this will affect the pressure of the air flowing through them, effectively compromising the pressure within the suspension system.

Use of substandard or poorly installed struts

Since air struts require replacement over time, the market is saturated with all kinds of spares and using the wrong type can also cause problems in your BMW. In the same vein, having the manufacturer recommended struts installed poorly in your car will also add to your problems within a short time.

Effects of Air Strut Failure

Failure of air struts will often present in the form of uncomfortable rides as the vehicle will likely allow the impact of the rough road surfaces to be felt within the cabin as excessive vibrations. In some situations, the car may become too low to drive comfortably or may ride too high, which will also make it difficult or next to impossible to move.

Furthermore, the car may shift its entire weight to one side of the car when braking or when taking off. This may also be felt when negotiating corners making the car unsafe to drive.

What to Do

As soon as the air struts in your car start to develop problems, you should immediately seek the assistance of a professional auto mechanic with experience in dealing with foreign brands such as the BMW. Seeing as the comfort that comes with driving BMWs is usually very important to many owners, anything less than that can greatly impair their driving experience. This is why getting the suspension sorted as soon as possible should be prioritized.

Moreover, getting immediate replacements for the struts will ensure that the underside of the car is prevented from damage arising from the car hanging too low and rubbing onto speed bumps and uneven ground.

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