Professional Replacement of a Bad Brake Caliper in Your Cadillac in Bellevue

Cadillac Brake Caliper

Brake problems can both impede the enjoyment of your high-performance vehicle as well as pose a serious safety issue to yourself and others. Keeping your Cadillac’s brakes well-maintained and serviced regularly is an important part in owning an uncompromising, sophisticated vehicle.

This article will cover why maintaining your brake calipers is important to the care of your Cadillac. We will also discuss the best place for quality car care in the Seattle and Bellevue, WA areas.

How to Tell When Your Calipers Need to be Replaced

Knowing when your brake calipers need to be replaced can be difficult for those not well-versed in car care. Some of the most common signs of a faulty brake caliper include black liquid leaking on your wheels, your car pulling to one side, having a soft or “spongybrake pedal, and noticing an increasingly weaker braking capability. Squealing or grinding noises coming from your wheels is also another symptom of faulty brake calipers. While this list isn’t inclusive of all possible symptoms, these are all signs that your Cadillac needs to be serviced.

If your vehicle is showing any of these symptoms, you should have it inspected by a professional at your trusted repair shop. Any of these issues can lead to a larger problem with your precision-crafted braking system. These issues can lead to serious, possibly fatal results if not repaired by a skilled professional.

Having a fully-operational braking system allows you to successfully avoid accidents as well as reduce overall wear on your vehicle over time. Most manufacturers, including Cadillac, recommend having your calipers inspected after 75,000 miles or between 7-10 years of service.

Picking the Best Place to Service your Cadillac

You have a few options when it comes to having your premium car serviced, including seeking out a repair shop or taking the DIY route. Having a skilled professional should always be the preferred option when dealing with technologically-advanced cars such as Cadillacs and other prestigious vehicles.

Taking the DIY Route

If you feel your skills are up to the task of repairing or maintaining your car, it is certainly possible to do it yourself. You can source parts from different retailers and replace your calipers if you choose, but remember that brakes are some of the most crucial parts to keeping you and others safe on the road. You should never attempt to service your car unless you are one hundred percent confident in your abilities and have all the proper tools to complete the work.

Visiting a Local Trusted Garage

By far, one of the most popular options for having your high-end car serviced is a skilled garage. This is a fantastic way to ensure that your vehicle is properly taken care of without the hassle of dealership costs.

Because local garages are not beholden to large companies like large dealerships, they are able to offer personalized service and affordability of parts and labor. Additionally, they are insured in case of a faulty repair, unlike what you would find if you take on the responsibility of the repairs yourself.

If you decide to bring your vehicle to a local garage, it is important to do your research ahead of time. You want to take your Cadillac to someone you can trust, so it pays to look into any garage you are considering. Check online to see what reviews are available, see what services are offered, and check to see what sort of experience their technicians have in their tenure at the garage.

What Landmark Motors Offers

Landmark Motors has serviced high-performance cars in the Bellevue and Seattle area for over 20 years. We perform a wide range of services for Cadillac and other luxury cars. Diagnosing and repairing issues such as faulty brake calipers is no hassle for our thoroughly-experienced and certified technicians.

Cadillac Brake Caliper Replacement

We perform services on a wide range of systems including:

  • brake repair
  • oil and fluid changes
  • check engine light inspections
  • factory-scheduled services
  • engine maintenance
  • electrical and HVAC system services

We are able to circumvent the extended wait times that you find at dealerships or name-brand service centers. If you suspect you have a bad brake caliper, call or stop by today to discuss your repair options with our expert technicians. We would love to help you get your brakes back up to full functionality to ensure your safety on the road.