Signs of a Defective Timing Chain Failure in a Volkswagen from the Experts in Bellevue

Volkswagen Engine Misfire

Volkswagens have quite the reputation for their reliability and top-notch performance. However, mechanical issues may arise over time. One of the issues that a Volkswagen is undeniably prone to is a defective timing chain. It may be more common in vehicles that were produced earlier than 2014.

A timing chain is a link between the top and bottom of the engine which connects the camshaft and the crankshaft together and ensures that both parts rotate properly. It coordinates the opening and closing of the engine’s valves ensuring that they do so at the exact right time. Let’s further investigate the function of the timing chain and look at the signs of a defective chain in your Volkswagen.

The Timing Chain

The timing chain is located inside the engine of your Volkswagen linking the camshaft and crankshaft together and ensuring that the engine runs smoothly and in harmony with the car’s transmission. If the timing chain becomes defective, the engine will be unable to control its integral systems, which automatically means that ignition is impossible. The engine may also be susceptible to severe damages that often lead to total failure.

Signs of a Defective Timing Chain

While all timing chains ultimately wear out after natural wear and tear, defective timing chains in Volkswagens are a common issue in the automotive community. Older models of VW often experience timing chain failure prematurely and this is almost always due to a failed chain tensioner.

The timing chain tensioner’s function is to keep the timing chain tightly wound to the pulleys and gears and is notorious for failing in many Volkswagens. It has even spurred several class-action lawsuits in times past. If the timing chain becomes defective, your vehicle may display one or more of the following signs:

  • Rattling or Clunking Noises: Whenever you hear unexplainable noises from your car, it’s mostly not a good sign and in the case of a defective timing chain, these disturbing rattling noises coming from the engine itself. These noises are a result of a loose chain and it is most prominent when the engine heats up.
  • The Check Engine Light Turns On: If a timing chain-related fault happens, the check engine light will come on. The illumination of this light should never be taken lightly since its purpose is to inform the driver of engine issues. Immediate evaluation by a skilled service technician should be gotten.
  • Engine Misfiring or other Performance Problems: Once a timing chain becomes defective, the chain may lose the necessary coordination and skip a gear on the camshaft or the crankshaft leading to an engine misfire. A broken timing chain will result in the engine not starting or it may cause it to fail while driving.
  • Metal Shavings: As a timing chain wears out, it starts to disintegrate and some of the metal shavings may find their way into the oil pan of the car. Whenever you have your oil changed and you notice small pieces of metal inside the oil as it drains, it may be a sign that your timing chain is failing.

How to Deal with a Defective Timing Chain in your Volkswagen

You should employ stringent maintenance practices to avoid such issues and when they occur, it is noticed early and damage to other parts is minimal. Ensure the engine oil is regularly topped up and changed out at the discretion of a trained service technician.

However, your vehicle’s timing chain may simply be prone to failure, and when this happens, it’s of critical importance to seek out a VW specialist for professional diagnostics and repairs. Leaving these problems unaddressed will only result in severe damage to your vehicle and you’ll end up incurring higher expenses in the form of repairs.

Volkswagen Timing Chain Inspection

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