Signs of Transmission Failure in Your Land Rover

Land Rover Gear Change Difficulty

For half a century, Land Rover has represented the intersection of exploring off-road while doing so in style during city driving. Their long-standing history of quality four-wheel drive vehicles has made its way into the 2000’s as a premier luxury SUV. Land Rover, like its cousin the Jaguar, remains a British make tailored for those who will sacrifice nothing to ride in comfort.

It is still a car with its own unique upkeep requirements. One important issue not to be overlooked is the car’s transmission. An issue with this component is dangerous because it can affect your Land Rover in a major way and can lead to huge issues with other components if not addressed properly when you suspect a problem.

How does the transmission system work in your vehicle?

Every car has a transmission system, which emcompasses many different parts and is integral to the car’s function. While driving, the transmission system’s primary function is the shift gears. This allows power being created by the engine to transmit through the correct gear, creating proper torque to turn the wheels without burning out other parts.

It is not uncommon to experience problems with a transmission, and many car owners have experienced the dread of deciding whether a transmission overhaul is worth the car itself. This is not something that can easily be fixed at home, and once the money has been put down to own a luxury vehicle, costly maintenance is the last concern you want to deal with. Luckily, if you look out for signs of transmission failure and catch it early, costly major repairs can be avoided.

Signs of Transmission System Problems

There are many moving parts within the transmission itself. Below are some of the most common issues that can arise in the transmission and lead to more serious issues:

  • Changes in Timing or Sudden Shifting: One of the main selling points to owning a luxury vehicle is a smooth and comfortable ride. It should then be very apparent if there are changes to the way the vehicle shifts gears, including noticeable erratic, slow, or sudden shifting. These are all signs that although still functioning, the transmission is not operating as it should. This is not the time to hope the problem will go away. The vehicle should be looked at by a certified mechanic right away to spot any small problems before they get bigger.
  • Strange Noises when Shifting: Along with physical changes, new or abnormal sounds when shifting are a clear sign of problems. Automatic and manual transmissions will inherently sound different, but a difference in driving one day to the next is clear indication of changes in the gearbox.
  • Changes in smell: Truly, this problem is a concern if you notice any odd or new smell in your Land Rover at any time. The transmission should not emit a smell, and if it is, it means something is happening with the transmission fluid and parts may be grinding together. That could mean it is heating up more than it should, or there is a new leak causing fluid to drip onto other heated up parts. A new odor is a sign that your Land Rover needs to be looked at as soon as possible.

Check Fluid Levels Regularly

Like many other aspects of car maintenance, preventative care is the best approach. By keeping an eye on the transmission fluid levels, owners can gauge changes before they become problems. If you think you may have a leak but are unsure, a first step can be placing a piece of cardboard under the engine and checking for liquids present. Remember, when in doubt, see a professional.

Land Rover Transmission Repair

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