The Best Garage to Repair Your BMW’s Oil Leaks in Bellevue

BMW Oil Leak

If you drive a BMW, then you know how important it is to address an oil leak as soon as possible after you notice it. At Landmark Motors, we are proud to serve BMW drivers and vehicle owners from both Seattle and Bellevue, Washington.

An oil leak in a BMW can seem like a small problem at first, but it can easily lead to extensive damage that will become costly and hazardous to you and to your family. Stopping the oil leak immediately is the best way to ensure that your BMW’s driving lifespan has been prolonged and that the leaking oil does not cause any pricey engine damage resulting in the need for a full engine rebuild.

The Different Oils and Fluids in Your BMW

There are many different kinds of oils and liquids that go into making your exciting BMW vehicle run as smoothly as possible. If you see fluid pooling underneath your car when it is parked or noticed a dripping or leaking coming from your BMW vehicle, it is important to recognize whether the liquid is oil, water, or another type of fluid.

The various different oils and fluids in your BMW include:

  • motor oil
  • power steering fluid
  • brake fluid
  • transmission oil
  • windshield wiper fluid
  • antifreeze
  • plain distilled water
  • and more

How to Know if You Have an Oil Leak

One of the most important things to know about your BMW is how to spot an oil leak. Whether you are driving or looking at a parked car, the following can be signs that your car is leaking oil and needs to be taken to a repair professional:

  • There is smoke or fire coming from the engine: If there is smoke or fire coming out of your BMW, you should not be driving your vehicle for any reason. If you are in motion, pull over the car immediately. Depending on the amount of smoke, you might want to call emergency services. This means that the oil leak in your car has begun to ignite your engine.
  • There are dark gray or brown spots under your car: If you notice dark gray or brown spots under your car as you pull out of a parking spot or leave your driveway, this could signify an oil leak. The oil is leaving dark residue in pools where it is exiting your vehicle.
  • Your dashboard indicator light is on: When your dashboard indicator light is illuminated it could mean that you have an oil leak in your BMW. Take your vehicle to Landmark Motors as soon as possible.
  • The engine is overheating: If the engine is overheating, this could be a sign that oil is leaking onto it. Check your car’s dashboard thermometer to see whether or not it shows a high heat rating.
  • You can smell burning oil: Smelling burning oil is one of the quintessential signs that you BMW has an oil leak. The smell of burning oil often means that oil is leaking from your car and onto your engine or battery, causing damage that must be addressed right away.
  • You hear dripping: If you hear a dripping sound while idling at a stoplight or parked, you could be hearing the actual oil dripping out from under your car and onto the road. If safe and possible, exit your vehicle to see if you can visually spot the dripping.

Reasons Why You Might Have an Oil Leak

Most vehicles at some point in their lifetimes get oil leaks. It can be contributed to natural wear and tear or even road debris. A pipe or hose might have a faulty connection or a crack, allowing oil to leak. No matter what the cause, the most important thing is to repair it quickly so the engine doesn’t overheat and other parts don’t begin to corrode.

BMW Oil Change

A Reliable Fix for Your BMW’s Oil Leak

Whether your BMW has a noticeably obvious oil leak or you think you could possibly be leaking oil from your car, Landmark Motors is the best place to check your BMW’s oil leak.

Proudly servicing Seattle and Bellevue, Washington, Landmark Motors fully understands the importance of addressing your BMW’s oil leak with the utmost care and precision. Our quality service professionals and friendly staff will get your vehicle inspected, serviced, and safely on your way with confidence in your BMW. Call us today.