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Mercedes Oil Warning Light

For your Mercedes Benz to offer you the excellent performance that you continuously enjoy, its engine components have to be in their best working condition. This is made possible by the master craftsmanship that goes into the manufacture of this vehicle brand’s engines. Even with all the quality assurance, Mercedes cars are susceptible to oil pressure switch failures. When your Mercedes has an oil pressure switch failure, you can say goodbye to its amazing engine performance.

The engine in your Mercedes only runs efficiently when the level of oil is at optimum. This optimum level is preset by the manufacturer. When this oil level is too low, the engine light on the dashboard of the car will illuminate. The oil pressure switch is the engine’s sensor that detects when the level of oil in the engine drops below optimum. It triggers the oil warning light on your dashboard so you know the engine needs service.

In different Mercedes models, the oil pressure switch begins in a closed or open position, located in one of two places. This is either in the oil filter housing or within the cylinder block.

In cases where the oil pressure switch starts in an open position, the connectors within the switch will close when the oil pressure falls below the manufacturer’s preset optimal level. The opposite happens in an oil pressure switch that starts in a closed position. When the oil level is low, the result will be the oil warning light illumination on your dashboard.

Importance of the Oil Pressure Switch

While the oil pressure switch may be a small component in your Mercedes engine, when it fails, it can cause unimaginable damage. For the engine to run smoothly, all the moving parts need to have proper lubrication. But when the oil pressure switch can’t detect if the oil pressure is too low, you are likely to continue driving around thinking that your engine is getting the lubrication that it needs from proper oil levels.

In reality, your oil pressure might be too low to lubricate the engine properly. As a result, the engine’s parts may start heating up to extreme temperatures due to excessive friction. Without oil to lubricate the components, metal can grind against metal. If left unchecked, your engine may seize, leaving you stranded and unable to start your Mercedes. It could even lead to a need for an engine rebuild.

Important Signs of Oil Pressure Switch Failure

There are some common signs that your Mercedes may show when the oil pressure switch breaks down. One of these signs is that the oil warning light will start blinking. This occurs due to the incorrect readings that the oil pressure switch receives, causing the light to go on and off.

You may also notice irregular readings on your oil pressure gauge. For instance, the oil pressure gauge readings may either be really high or all the way down to zero. The oil pressure gets its readings from the oil pressure switch, and if they are off, then probably so is the pressure switch.

The most common sign of oil pressure failure is that the oil pressure warning light will illuminate as an alert to you on the dashboard. The oil pressure switch communicates with the car’s onboard computer to communicate any problems in oil pressure. You may, however, find that the check oil pressure warning light may have come on even when your oil levels are just fine, leading you back to incorrect readings.

When the check oil pressure light comes on, it is important that you seek out a Mercedes specialist, because if it’s a wrong reading, they fix the problem. If it’s a correct reading, then they will change or top up your oil, providing much needed lubrication and correct oil pressure for your engine.

Mercedes Oil Level Check

Landmark Motors for Your Mercedes

The oil pressure switch can only be fixed by replacing the part. Since it’s a delicate and labor-intensive task, you should leave it to the Mercedes specialists at Landmark Motors.

At Landmark Motors, we provide oil pressure switch repairs to Mercedes owners in Seattle and Bellevue, WA. Visit our shop today if you’re having oil pressure switch issues, and our certified mechanics will fix the problem with OEM parts.