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Mercedes has remained popular with drivers because of its style, unrivaled durability, and high performance on the road. To maintain all the good qualities of your Mercedes, you need to put in extra thought to ensure that all the parts keep working for a long time. If you can’t maintain your car properly, some parts will fall prey to natural wear and tear earlier than expected. One of those parts that can easily become faulty is the transmission system.

The transmission system of your Mercedes is one of its most important features in your car. The transmission system channels the engine power to the vehicle’s wheels. For the transmission system to perform its function optimally, it requires the transmission fluid.

Transmission fluid lubricates all the mechanical parts of the transmission system. It also maintains fluid pressure, cools the mechanical parts, prevents oxidation, maintains the gasket, and prevents corrosion. The transmission fluid is crucial to the optimal functioning of your transmission. When it starts leaking, the whole transmission system will fail, hindering the overall performance of your vehicle.

You must not ignore a transmission leak in your car because it can lead to more serious and expensive damage. Hence, whenever you notice any of the signs listed below, call the attention of a Mercedes expert to fix it immediately.

  • Transmission Fluid Found Beneath Your Car: Finding transmission fluid under your car might be the first sign you notice when your transmission fluid starts leaking. The problem associated with the leak is that you might be unable to tell the difference between transmission fluid and other fluids found in your car. Transmission fluid is different in color and texture than other lubricants. It has a chemical smell, it is reddish-brown, and feels very slippery. You may find a puddle of such fluid underneath your car after driving a long distance.
  • Grinding Noise: The transmission fluid is supposed to reduce the amount of friction between the moving components in the transmission system. So, when there’s a leak, the fluid can no longer lubricate the metallic parts, causing them to grind against each other. When you hear the grinding sound, immediately call your mechanic to check it out.
  • Burning Smell: The transmission fluid serves as a coolant for the transmission system. Hence, when it starts leaking, it will no longer be able to cool the transmission. You will perceive a burning smell because the transmission system is overheating due to a lack of fluid.
  • Slow Acceleration: Whenever something adversely affects your transmission, your car’s overall performance will drop drastically, causing it to accelerate slower than normal. You will also notice that your car staggers as you accelerate. Driving will become very uncomfortable, and the drive you once enjoyed will become unpleasant. When you notice slow acceleration, call the attention of a Mercedes specialist to have it fixed.
  • Issues with Changing Gears: The transmission system is synced with the gear system. If anything happens to the transmission, the gear system will feel the impact first. That is why when the transmission fluid starts leaking, you’ll notice that your vehicle jerks when you shift gears. You may also notice that your vehicle exceeds the normal RPMs on its own. If you notice any of the signs, do not hesitate to call for help immediately.

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Our experts are ASE-certified with a strong passion for providing our customers with affordable & high-quality repair & maintenance services. Not only do we fix your Mercedes problems, but we will also run a full diagnostic inspection on your car to make sure that you do not leave our repair shop with any other issues that could catch up with you down the road.

Whenever your car experiences transmission leaks or any other problem, call us for service at Landmark Motors. You can also visit our shop to schedule your next appointment.