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Jaguar Delayed Engine Start

Timing chains are an essential part of your Jaguar’s engine. A timing chain links the crankshaft and camshaft to ensure adequate rotation that enables the cylinder to fire properly. A timing chain tensioner is used to keep the right amount of tension on the chain, it is usually located under the timing chain cover on the front of the engine.

Timing chain tensioners keep shafts and camshafts perfectly aligned in engines. The smooth and effective running of the engine is highly dependent on the appropriate functioning of the timing chain tensioner. The tensioner ensures that the chain is in its right position over a long period of time.

Let’s take a look at a few functions of a timing chain tensioner:

  • The timing chain ensures that the right amount of tension is being supplied to the crankshaft and camshaft sprocket.
  • It protects elements, such as alternators, from failing.
  • It prevents the chain from rattling and falling off the sprockets.
  • It provides the necessary tension to absorb shock and vibration on the chain, i.e, it enhances its resistance to wear and tears.

Signs of a Faulty Timing Chain Tensioner

  • Rattling noise from the engine of the vehicle: The major function of the timing chain tensioner is to ensure the smooth running of the chain and makes sure the chain remains in its right position to prevent rattling noise and smooth drive generally. When you notice a rattling noise from your Jaguar’s engine, it is a sign that there’s a fault in the timing chain tensioner. This could lead to more damage and leave you stranded if it doesn’t get fixed at the right time. A fault in the timing chain tensioner makes the chain go loose thereby hitting other parts and causing a rattling noise when driving.
  • Engine Lights: The engine light of your vehicle comes on when there’s a fault in the engine. When the timing chain tensioner goes faulty, the chain will be loose within the linked parts making the engine malfunction and in adverse cases, your vehicle might not work. Your vehicle’s engine uses the engine light to give out warnings and those warnings shouldn’t be ignored. There might be other cases that will cause the engine light to come on so a proper check should be carried out on your vehicle by professionals to know the exact fault.
  • Stalled Engine: When you notice a delay in starting your engine, this might be a result of a faulty timing chain tensioner. When there’s no firm grip on the chain to the linked components, it wouldn’t rotate properly thereby causing the crankshaft and camshaft to stop rotating. This may leave you stranded and may require towing your car to a service station.
  • A fault on the timing chain tensioner of your Jaguar may cause your engine to malfunction and ignoring the sign may lead to further damage. It is important that you become proactive with keeping your car safe and in good shape. Hiring a professional and experienced car repair service is highly recommended. Are looking for where to do a proper check on your engine and canary out the repair of your timing chain tensioner faults?

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Jaguar Timing Chain Tensioner Repair

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