Tips to Fix the Gear Selector Bushing in Your Land Rover

Land Rover Gear Shifter

Land Rover vehicles are known for their durable frame and strong performance. Individuals flock to this brand because it’s the perfect combination of style and safety.

One of the primary characteristics of a Land Rover is that it is rugged and ready for adventure. Whether you’re driving around town or out in the country headed off-road, the Land Rover is made to keep up with whatever conditions you find yourself in.

While the Land Rover is known for its extreme durability and strength, it still faces its fair share of complications. When it has to do with the gear shift, however, those complications must immediately be addressed.

What Role Does the Gear Selector Bushing Play?

After putting the keys in your Land Rover’s ignition and starting the vehicle, you must use the shift selector cable to put the car in the proper gear. These gears are the park, neutral, reverse, and so forth. Ultimately, whatever action you want your car to do, that little piece in the middle controls it.

In order for your shifter to respond to the commands, it has to have a properly working bushing component. This piece is found near the foundation of the shifter and is responsible for giving your shifter that sleek responsiveness.

Common Issues With the Bushing Piece

Over time, the bushing loses its vigor due to general wear and tear. This causes the shifter to have a loose reaction time, thus making shifting seem out of control. Fortunately, this intricate piece doesn’t require heavy installation or replacement costs. In fact, with the right tools and insight, you can perform this bushing replacement on your own.

How to Solve This Problem

If you’re attempting this task yourself, it’s best to know a few helpful tips that’ll make this repair easier. To begin, understand the kind of piece you’re purchasing. The primary materials this piece comes in is polyurethane and metal. Both have their own characteristics that make the material desirable. Polyurethane gives you a firmer grasp with a stickier feeling. Metal bushing gives you that instant switch; something coveted amongst car enthusiasts everywhere. No matter your desired preference, these two materials are both ideal for getting the job done.

Although the material of choice is completely subjective, the brand itself is where you need to be picky. It’s suggested, especially for Land Rovers, to only purchase manufacturer-quality bushings. This in part is due to the role of this important piece. You want your bushing to stand-up to consistent use and everyday wear and tear. In addition, paying attention to the sizing is vital. Experts mechanics can play around with variously sized bushings because they know exactly what to look for. However, if you’re a beginner, purchase the direct-fit option. This will give you the perfect outcome and save you a ton of time and energy in the long-run.

Look back over your warranty. While some don’t cover the bushing repair, others will. This is all determined by your dealership and the agreement you made.

Mechanical Tips

Although we suggest bringing your vehicle to a trained expert mechanic, some prefer to handle their repairs on their own. It’s best to keep in mind these important tips when replacing your bushing:

  • Use a ¼” drive socket set for a seamless insertion
  • Turn the gear shifter counterclockwise in order to get it loose
  • Keep a careful hand as you maneuver around these delicate parts
  • Be careful to avoid harsh shifts in gears as it could cause further damage

Land Rover Discovery 4

How We Can Help

While taking care of your own vehicle is nice, it doesn’t beat the hand of a professional. Especially when it comes to your gear selector bushing. You want to have the freedom to select your gear without worry. Leaving your bushing replacement in the hands of the professionals is an excellent way to get the outcome you deserve. This prolongs the lifespan of your car and prevents you from spending thousands in repair costs.

When you experience issues with your Land Rover’s bushing, bring it to the experts of Landmark Motors. We service the Bellevue and Seattle, WA areas. If you’re looking for a reliable shop that provides quality work with no hidden fees, you’re in good hands with this team. Bring your car in today!

* Land Rover Discovery 4 image credit goes to: teddyleung.