Understand the Functions of an ABS Accumulator in Your Jaguar

Jaguar Bad ABS Accumulator Sign

The ABS accumulators are responsible for storing and holding all the hydraulic pressure for the systems hold-release-reapply cycle. They are used on both the non-integral and the integral ABS systems that are in your car. To make it simple, the integral unit will include an electric pump that is meant to provide lots of power to assist, while also providing the necessary pressure for the hold, release, and reapply cycle.

There are also non-integral systems for the ABS system that rely on ABS accumulators as well. These non-integral systems will use a 50 psi spring-loaded accumulator to make sure there is the necessary pressure for the cycle. The ABS accumulator in your Jaguar is an important part that helps your vehicle stop and do all the work that it needs. When it stops working, it is important to take your car into a qualified mechanic to take a look at the problem and get it fixed.

What is the ABS accumulator?

The ABS accumulator is basically the storage device used for the hydraulic pressure that is required for the brake’s hold, release, and reapply cycle. In most Jaguar models, this part is automated and will include a type of electric pump. This pump will be in charge for the provision of the pressure that is then applied to this whole cycle.

The ABS accumulator is made up of a lot of different components. All of these parts are going to play an important role in storing all of the necessary pressure so the cycle works the way that you want. This component also plays an important role in the anti-lock brake system. This one will not be activated until the emergency brakes are applied and working.

When this part fails, it can be dangerous on the road. When the ABS accumulator is faulty and not doing the work that it should, there is a high chance that the braking system in the vehicle will stop working as well.

Signs the ABS Accumulator is Bad

Many Jaguar owners will notice when the ABS accumulator stops working well. The first sign of this problem is that the brake pedal stops responding. The brake pedal is designed to operate smoothly to release all of the pressure that is stored any time you push down. This will not happen when the accumulator component stops working.

When the brake pedal pushes down and you notice there is not much resistance, this is an important sign that the accumulator has failed and all of the stored pressure is gone. This is a dangerous hazard to you and everyone on the road, particularly if you are already driving when this occurs. Utilize your emergency brake and your hazards and pull off to the side of the road as quickly as possible. Call for a tow to us immediately.

Landmark Motors Will Repair your ABS Accumulator

The best thing to do is to keep up with routine inspections and have one of our qualified mechanics take a look at the ABS accumulator and the rest of the brake system. It is best to replace and repair the brake system before it stops working while you are driving.

If you begin to suspect there is something wrong with your Jaguar’s brakes and they do not seem to work as well as you expect, then it is time to come and visit one of our professional mechanics at Landmark Motors. Our team of professional mechanics are here to help with any issue that may happen in your Jaguar. We understand how important your car is and how it can help you get to work and finish all of your chores and errands, not to mention the pleasure in driving it for your enjoyment.

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