Where to Go in Bellevue to Replace the Oxygen Sensor in Your Audi

Audi Poor Gas Mileage

Audi aims to create vehicles that center on reliability and efficiency, but these guarantees diminish with age, leading to potential problems like damaged oxygen sensors. Because Audi vehicles are finely-tuned systems, faulty oxygen sensors can create a multitude of complications, all of which affect the daily performance and safety of your vehicle. It is important to notice specific warning signs that indicate a dysfunctional O2 sensor to avoid long-term, expensive repairs.

Your Audi’s Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor communicates with the engine to provide the correct fuel-to-air ratio. This sensor is located in the exhaust system and gauges the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gases. This ensures the efficiency of the fuel injection and engine timing. The sensor balances the levels of air and fuel in the engine. Damaged sensors can lead to a variety of noticeable symptoms.

Signs Your Oxygen Sensor is Faulty

One indicator that your oxygen sensor is damaged is when your check engine light is on. Although this could point to any number of problems with your vehicle, oxygen sensors are more likely to become a problem in older cars with higher mileage.

If your car seems to be getting abnormally-poor gas mileage in everyday driving, this may indicate that your oxygen sensor is not working properly. Because the oxygen sensor acts to balance the ratio of fuel and air, a faulty sensor usually causes an abnormally high fuel intake. A failing oxygen sensor may increase the amount of fuel that goes into the engine, leading to lower gas mileage.

If you notice that your vehicle performance is affected, this could also be pointing to a problem with your O2 sensor. This could manifest in symptoms like rough idling, trouble accelerating, or stalling. Since the oxygen sensor is in control of combustion intervals and engine timing, a faulty sensor could create serious performance problems.

Regular Maintenance

It is recommended that oxygen sensors should be replaced regularly to avoid the disastrous effects of an aging and damaged sensor. Since O2 sensors have been known to wear out over time, it is necessary to replace them before any potential problems occur.

If your Audi was manufactured in the last 15 years, it is recommended to replace this sensor after every 60,000 or 90,000 miles driven. In older vehicles, oxygen sensors will typically last between three and five years or 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Regardless of age, carbon buildup and the accumulation of soot on the exterior of O2 sensors can affect its capability to function. Additionally, grease and oil can coat the outside of a sensor over time.

Be sure to schedule a vehicle inspection for at least once a year, as your vehicle will need regular maintenance that includes checking the functionality of the oxygen sensor. This will prolong the life of the sensor, especially if your spark plugs and air filters are regularly serviced. Annual routine servicing can offer quality preventative care and avoid the expense of severe issues caused by faulty oxygen sensors.

Landmark for Oxygen Sensor Replacement

If you notice that any of the aforementioned symptoms arise in your vehicle, you should schedule an appointment with a service center so that a professional technician can diagnose the problem. Having a functioning oxygen sensor is necessary for vehicles to run efficiently, and will even decrease the level of emissions into the atmosphere. The highest quality of performance can only be achieved when every part of your vehicle is working properly.

Audi Oxygen Sensor Inspection

At Landmark Motors, we recognize the necessity to make your Audi perform at its highest level, while also maintaining safety for all passengers. Our certified mechanics are prepared to regularly install new oxygen sensors before they begin to deteriorate, ensuring that you experience no unexpected problems while on the road.

If you’ve noticed any indication that your O2 sensor is faulty, be sure to schedule an appointment with Landmark Motors immediately and our experienced technicians will take care of any immediate issues or future concerns. Located in Bellevue, WA near Seattle, we offer quality, affordable services that will guarantee that you never return to the dealership. Call us today.