Where to Take Your Volkswagen in Bellevue to Fix a Wiring Harness Short

Volkswagen Wiring Harness

Vehicle manufacturing has come a long way since the first ever car was made. Today, most vehicle functions are automated, making our driving experiences even more enjoyable. These automated functions can break down, creating an inconvenience for many drivers.

Volkswagen drivers are not spared from one of the most common faults: the shorting of the wiring harness in their cars. When this happens, there are some symptoms your car will exhibit that need a certified mechanic to help fix.

There are many different electrical components in a modern car. All these components receive commands automatically through communication between different car parts. For some functions, you need to push a button, but for others, there are sensors that trigger them. This is possible because of the battery in your car and the wiring harness.

The wiring harness is a collection of wires that is responsible for sending electrical current from the battery to the many different electrical components. Other than supplying power to the electrical components in your car, the wiring harness also protects some electrical components from extreme external elements. This makes the wires in your Volkswagen a lot more durable as compared to how long they would last if each wire that supplies a particular electrical component was by itself.

The wiring harness may not require as much attention as other vehicle components but that doesn’t mean that it should be left unchecked. If anything, paying regular attention to the wiring harness will ensure that all the electrical components in your Volkswagen work just fine and that you avoid potentially expensive repairs that may be caused by lack of power supply.

Causes of Wiring Harness Issues

Like all other vehicle components, the wiring harness is not immune to wear and tear. Over time, the wire harness is exposed to extreme weather and driving conditions including cold, heat, moisture and excessive vibrations. All of these exacerbate the process by which the wire insulation breaks down, leaving the wires exposed and prime for shorting.

In addition to wearing out, wiring harness failures can sometimes happen at the point of manufacture. This happens where the manufacturer may use an improper layout that leaves the wires in need of trimming, a process that leaves them susceptible to problems. Manufacturers may also leave the wiring harness predisposed to failure if the crimping process isn’t done correctly. Crimping is the process of terminating wire ends.

Signs of Wiring Harness Problems

Because of the role it plays in supplying power to electrical components in your car, there will be some signs in your Volkswagen when the wiring harness breaks down. One of the most common signs of wire harness failure in your Volkswagen is that the front and rear lights will stop working, or produce very dim light. This happens because the wire harness will not be able to supply power to the lights for them to work. It goes without saying that driving around without functioning lights opens you up to accidents, leaving your car unsafe to drive.

Your car may also show signs of ignition failure where fuel in the combustion chamber might fail to ignite and burn to produce the energy needed to power the car. Ignition sparks based on information computed by the oil pressure sensors. If the sensors don’t receive power, they will not detect the pressure needed to spark the fuel. The result will be that your engine will rev too much or idle down without warning.

Your car may also lurch or stutter as you drive or when you accelerate. Your car will also lose most of the other electrical functions, as the battery will be dead. There will be no power flowing through the faulty wire harness to power the different components.

Volkswagen Wiring Harness Repair

Landmark Motors for your Volkswagen

When it comes to the wiring harness in your Volkswagen, preemptive care will help you ensure longevity. Landmark Motors is proud to serve Volkswagen drivers in and around Seattle and Bellevue, WA. We have a team of certified specialists who know their way around Volkswagen and other European models who are ready to help you with your car’s wiring harness issues. Schedule an appointment today for services that you can trust.